Discovering a lot of ants around your home or even inside your house? If you have tried unsuccessfully to remove the ants on your own, we are right here to help you and provide the relief you want.

Ants in Galt, California

ant control galt California

Ants travel by scent left by another ant in the colony. Call our technicians to effectively remove ants and their scent trails from your home, or kitchen, for good. 209-626-8660

It might be pretty challenging to regulate ants, which a lot of us are likely already familiar with from experiencing an ant issue at some point.

Nevertheless, the better you understand the ants, the better chance you will have at battling them and keeping them out for good.

Access Points for Ants

You are most likely trying to figure out where or just how the ants are getting inside your property, but they don’t really require a huge space to get inside; any little cracks throughout the home are potential access points. They then go in look for oily or sweet substances which are usually in one’s cabinets or kitchen.

Galt Ant Tracks

In case you were not currently aware, ants really leave scent tracks as they wander, leaving behind an invisible substance that allows other ants to follow along the path also.. After they come to a supply of food they will then turn around and follow the trail back to the other ants.

Ant Nests & Colonies

Ants can produce a nest practically anywhere in a home and likely where you are unable to easily discover them.

Nests will usually have around 200,000 ants, or more, in an individual colony. If the ants believe a threat is upon them they will rather quickly, and easily, relocate.. Workers can survive up to seven years while queens can live up to 15 years.

Do It Yourself Solutions for Ants

If you currently have ants attacking your area you have probably been using an over the counter product or possibly you have actually taken a more ‘natural’ method to eliminating the unwanted parasites. However, these aren’t constantly efficient and you might not be utilizing the proper treatment for the sort of ant in your property.

If you are ready to find complete, total relief from irritating ants you need to call for pest control in Galt as soon as possible at  (209)626-8660