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Every property in the area is going to experience it’s own, unique pest issue. For this reason, we use personalized treatment plans when we treat a property. No two issues and circumstances will be exactly alike and therefore your treatment plan should not be either. Our technicians will inspect the property and create a treatment plan specific to the needs of your home or business.

What We Do

There are numerous pests we treat for in the Galt, California vicinity. We utilize treatment methods intended to prevent pests from invading once again going forward. Rodents are often times handled by the property owner first and if defeated, they will give us a call.

One good reason to choose our services is that we’ll work to discover exactly where the bugs or rodents are coming in at, suggesting the best solution for sealing or fixing the access point. Many property owners don’t realize that this is a very effective technique for reducing bug problems, not merely rats and mice.

They are definitely a pest you should take action against quickly, otherwise they can begin a family and start mating, making their invasion that much worse. Such spots they prefer to hide in and invade normally include attics, inside walls, between floorings, etc.

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Cockroaches can be quite difficult to get rid of. They adjust to their environment so it is not like they can’t survive in particular areas; they can.

Bed bugs are an increasingly apparent pest here in Galt, California and even in nearby cities. They are simply a tough one that isn’t very easily treated or eradicated. Their treatment methods can be pricey due to the amount of applications necessary; if left untreated they will multiply effortlessly within a property or home. You may notice them in the bedroom first and discover them a week later in the living room area; that’s how simple it really is for them to spread.

Client Testimonial 

“These guys were great – professional business and reasonably priced. The technician had great advice for my pest issues. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

Johann S.

“Great service! The technician was super friendly and got the job done fast. He was very helpful and even came over the same day.”

Barbara P.

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When you choose our service you can quit worrying about pest invasions and rely on us to address them. We are able to discuss the procedure for treating your issue and give estimates for the kind of service you want. One-time, every month, bi-monthly, every 3 months and on a yearly basis.

Furthermore, inspections will normally help detect any active or potential pest issues in a home and our inspectors are some of the very best in the industry.

We are here to help you and definitely will supply any info you need. All you must do is call us now!

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