Termite Control

We offer general pest control as well as termite treatment solutions. When deciding on a company to help with your pest situation, we understand that a lot of factors are involved, not just the cost. That is why we provide guarantees with most of our treatments so you can make sure you’re getting the best service for a reasonable price.

About Termites

Galt is home to a number of different kinds. Each kind poses a different tyep of hazard to a building, depending on the type of wood it feeds on or where they have congregated.

They will invade a home or building in a different way which is why it’s imperative that you first identify the type of termite before determining which solution is best. If you suspect this problem then you should call our experts today.

Frequently discovered are:

  • Drywood 
  • Formosan 
  • Subterranean 

Detecting Them at Home

The presence of fecal matter is often one of the most common ways homeowners discover that they may have a termite problem. Their feces has the appearance of small, slim strips with spherical ends.

If you see this type of feces in your kitchen, or around windows or doors, then you should contact us as soon as possible.

Another way to detect them is by their mud tubes or kick-out holes. If you stumble upon what appears to be mud tunnels or tubes, this is most likely created by them and confirms the reason you need to call us right away.

Professional Termite Exterminators 

If you notice holes in your wooden structures with particles at the top, or what appear to be mud tubes or you suspect them in your home or business for any reason, then you should call a professional immediately.

They could be causing significant damage to your structure. The longer you delay, the more costly it will be to repair the damage. Effective extermination is best left to the professionals.

Although some pest problems can be remedied through do-it-yourself techniques, this is not one of those situations.

Effective & Safe

Proficient Treament Solutions

We will ensure that our specialists are working to prevent serious destruction to your house.

Have a few questions about termites? We can help with that as well. Just pick up the phone and call us to find out all about our elimination treatments and the process we take to ensure complete satisfaction for our customers.

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